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I believe that rather than teach that “both are now accepted,” we should teach that “although both are being used interchangeably, X means P and Y means Q” (not X means P and/or Q, as does Y). Nothing worse than getting the grammar wrong in a sarcastic reply to someone correcting another person’s grammar. I’m not sure why the examples given equate bi-weekly and semi-monthly- they are not the same thing. If it’s “once every two weeks”, that’s equal to twice every FOUR weeks, not every week. We are not encouraging anyone to “devolve” the language.

  • Finding this discussion quite interesting after a meeting at work was scheduled bi-weekly causing confusion.
  • Obviously, it’s better to use unambiguous terms that leave no doubt about what you mean.
  • Jira, Shortcut, Asana, or Github Issues, to gain real-time visibility of progress and forecast potential issues or risks that may warrant a revision of the current plan.
  • We are advising our readers of this oddity, and we offer a way to avoid confusion.
  • As our blog states, we also “see trouble.” That is why this blog was created, to point out the possibility of confusion with these terms.
  • Or just use different words, such as “every two months”.
  • So even though biweekly is universally understood to mean every two weeks, bimonthly can mean every two months or twice a month.

The difference is that a semi-monthly publication is published 24 times in a year. A bi-weekly publication is published 26 times in a year, or 27 times if the first one is published on January 1st, or on January 2nd in a leap year. So even though biweekly is universally understood to mean every two weeks, bimonthly can mean every two months or twice a month. Context counts, as is noted by Merriam-Webster’s Dictionary of English Usage (which unlike Merriam-Webster’s Collegiate is not a dictionary but a usage guide). Fascinatingly, it seems no one got confused by these two different meanings of the prefix “bi-.” When a worker who got paid every 15 days said he was paid bimonthly, everyone knew what he meant. I wonder, though, where you got the information that “every two months” would be the more common usage of bimonthly.

Create a High-Level Portfolio Roadmap Plan

If you’re not sure how often you should be meeting, you’ve come to the right place. In this post, we’ll cover meeting cadence suggestions, the types of recurring meetings that fit for each cadence, and how to figure out which ones are right for you and your team. A good meeting cadence keeps teams connected without bogging people down with too many meetings. Each issue of Bi Women Quarterly is curated from a selection of submissions based on previously released prompts. These prompts serve as points of inspiration for writers, artists, and creatives that identify as women under the bisexual+ umbrella. Examples of prompts include coming out stories, bisexuality and disability, mental health, and visibility.

For example, a CEO might consider profitability to be the most important performance measurement for a company, while the vice president of sales could view the ratio of sales wins vs. losses as the highest priority KPI. This was a very quick blog post about some of the ways you can calculate the quarter in DAX for Power BI. Most of the methods are the same anyways.

The Role of Product Operations – Enabling an Outcome Focused Product Organization

Now a standalone publication, it is still produced by the same network. Bi Women Quarterly is published four times each year, and accepts a variety of submission types including fiction writing, nonfiction writing, poetry, news articles, book reviews, letters to the editor, and visual art. The publication is “staffed entirely by volunteers,” and is stationed in Jamaica Plain, a neighborhood in the city of Boston.

If you like to learn more about Time Intelligence functions in DAX read more here. Bi-annual – describing something that occurs in two parts of the year ie twice a year, usually but not necessarily every six months. “Six-monthly” where it is precisely that, “bi-annual” where it could be unevenly spread across the twelve months. Bimonthlymeans the period consisting of two months or approximately sixty days. Bi-monthly meetings of the Board of Directors shall be held in January, March, May, July, September and November in each year, on the date and at a time and place designated from time to time by the Board of Directors. Compounding of interest can be done monthly, quarterly or even biannually. Although we found no relevant changes in this latter case, we noticed some interesting differences when quarterly data are used.

More meanings of biannually

You must — there are over 200,000 words in our free online dictionary, but you are looking for one that’s only in the Merriam-Webster Unabridged Dictionary.

I don’t know if all journals have coordinated their usage, but when people speak of them, you will get different opinions. The true answer, I believe, is not in the placement of bi or semi prefix; both are equally ambiguous. Hence dissertations on the meaning of the prefix are meaningless.

Book: Power BI DAX Simplified

Some common product prioritization frameworks include RICE, ROI, the Eisenhower Matrix (Urgent vs. Important), and MoAR — metric over available resources, a more tangible proxy for ROI. Define bi quarterly definition key goals for the upcoming quarter and their respective resource allocation. By using the two variables MinYear and MaxYear, the remaining part of the code does not depend on the data model.

Can a baby stay in the womb for 12 months?

Can pregnancy be 12 months long? Yes, if you include planning as a necessary component, sort of a trimester of its own.

Thus, a heterosexual is attracted to other than one’s own. And bi- means both of the existing sexes, or the same AND something other than same, maybe even opposite. Bi- did not create two sexes, nor did it divide one sex into two. Much like bisect cuts into two, not twice, with -sect as the operative.

All that said, I recall having used “bi-monthly” to mean two months without having checked or thought about it, but realising now that it seems illogical to do so. As we have responded to a number of previous posts, our job is to inform our readers about dictionary definitions and interpret and reflect the grammar rules. We are simply pointing out that these words are often confused because the language has changed over time. It means there might be a little bit of trial and error. It’s okay to set a meeting cadence and agree to revisit the cadence after a few meetings to see if it’s still working. A new team member, for example, may need daily check-ins their first week, then weekly one-on-ones for a few months, then bi-weekly one-on-ones once they’ve settled into their role.

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If I get paid semimonthly, I will get receive 24 weeks a year. Although it is a small difference, it is a difference. The need, if there is one, if for a snappier way of saying every two months in the same way that we have “quarterly” for every three months.

Responses to “How often is “bimonthly”?”

Quarterly product planning, or quarterly alignment, is an integral part of a responsive organization to connect OKRs with execution. This could include the entire workforce on broad corporate KPIs or smaller groups of workers on ones that apply to particular departments. Not long ago I would hear people talk about getting paid bimonthly. Others, workers who got paid on a very similar schedule, talked about getting paid biweekly. This is obviously a late addition, but would it be easier if we broke the word differently?

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And bisexual describes the sexes, not how many time they are loved. “Semi” is a bit more abstract, since it means “half”. Why would you say biweekly for once every two weeks? As stated in the Chicago Manual of Style, bi generally means “two” and thus bimonthly would indicate every two months, while semi means “half” and thus semimonthly means every half month. Use semi-weekly – since it doesn’t have conflicting definitions – to convey twice a week and use bi-weekly for every two weeks. There is plenty of comment on the fact that the English language has evolved/devolved and it seems to be the justification for incorrect usage of words and/or prefixes.


The confusion between bi- and semi- occurs because both prefixes are related to the concept of two. But bi- means something that happens every other (week, month…), or every two (weeks, months…), while semi- indicates something that happens twice every or every half .

bi quarterly definition

Properly, happening or appearing once every two quarters, or semi-annually, but sometimes used in the sense of semi-quarterly, twice in each quarter. Articles about social, entertainment and political scenes, focusing on bisexual men, women, teens and social issues surrounding the myths of bisexuality in the gay, lesbian and straight communities. A good meeting cadence keeps teams connected and can boost employee morale.

bi quarterly definition

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